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Welcome to the Pinewood Hill publishing home page. The aim of this secure website is to provide information and purchasing options for books written and/or published by John Nixon and his co-authors or associates. As such we regret that we do not accept manuscript submissions from other authors; links are provided, however, to useful websites to guide authors in getting their work published.  Our site policies can be downloaded from the bottom of any page and stipulate the conditions of use - respect for your privacy is our main concern.

Where books have been written by Pinewood Hill authors and published by another publisher, links to their website are provided along with other options such as Amazon and Amazon Kindle - the e-book option used for our books.

We realise that nowadays people often wish to buy books and eBooks using a number of different on-line resources where they have accounts, while others prefer to purchase using more traditional lines, PayPal or bank transfer. People may also wish to place orders through their local bookstore. All of these methods, when relevant for individual books, are provided. Please bear in mind that purchases through PayPal or bank transfer increase support for small enterprises like us.

Click on the images of our books below to open up a new window that provides bibliographical, a synopsis and details of a range of secure purchasing options.  Please note that the direct ones we provide via PayPal or bank transfer are secure as are purchasing links to Amazon, online bookshops and PayPal as they also have secure purchasing platforms. 

We hope you find what you are looking for and thank you for visiting Pinewood Hill today.

'Potters, Miners, World War One Drivers:  Josiah Nixon of Hemsworth & Family (1730-1940)' by John Nixon (2014). Price: 14.50 'My Royal Navy Letters:  Through Calm and Troubled Waters' by John Nixon (2013).
Price: 12.50
'Mother's Apple Pie: The true story of Japanese POW Alan Nixon, 196 Field Ambulance (RAMC)' by John Nixon and Barbara Ann Smith (2006). 
Price: 7.99
IAS Socio-economic convergence by J. Nixon APFP
'Intercepted at Sea:  The Human Cost of Insecure Naval Communications during Two World Wars' by Leslie Howson and John Nixon (2006).
Price:  Select for options.

'Socio-economic Convergence: An Analysis of European Union Health Care Systems' by John Nixon (2009).  Publisher: VDM, Germany.
Price: Select for options
'A Plaster for Peter' by Carol Nixon (illustrated by Christopher Nixon) (2014). 
Price: 3.99
Non-verbal communication Asymmetrical paradigms Schoolies book image
'Nonverbal perceptual styles of British and Japanese people' by Yumi Nixon (2009).  Publisher: VDM, Germany.
Price: Select for options
'Asymmetrical Paradigms in the Gender Pay Gap and Brexit' by John Nixon  (2017).
Price: 7.99
SCHOOLIES: Selected Stories of the Royal Navy Instructor Officers' Association (RNIOA) by John Nixon and Michael S. Rose. Edited by Michael J. Channon (2020).  Price 20.00

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