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Asymmetrical paradigms

Author: John Nixon
Publisher:  Pinewood Hill (6 December, 2017)
Price:  7.99 + 1.50 P&P (R.R.P. 7.99)
Synopsis: Paradigms that are innate to all human beings, and those formed from models in the natural and social sciences, guide our conscious thoughts, beliefs and actions. The thesis of the author is that ‘asymmetrical paradigms,’ which he defines, are projected by the media, interest groups and political stakeholders for their own ends using partial evidence.  As such they hinder progress, effective solutions and human development. A paradigm formation model, based on the works of Thomas S. Kuhn and Carl G. Jung, among other eminent scientists, is developed and then applied to two examples: the gender pay gap and Brexit.  The aim of this book is to increase people’s awareness of their own paradigms, and how to recognise and understand the paradigms of others.

“An amazing and educational insight into bias and partiality” - Michael S. Rose, BSc, MSc [Reviewer].

Book details: Paperback, 145 pages, 14 x 1.5 x 20 cm, 4 B&W tables/figures, ISBN - 9780992678876. 
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