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SCHOOLIES: Selected Stories of the Royal Navy
Instructor Officers' Association (RNIOA)

Synopsis: The Royal Navy Instructor Officers’ Association (RNIOA), through its educational website (, commemorates the experiences and histories of those who served in the Royal Navy's Instructor Officer ('Schoolie') Specialisation, which had roots going back to 1702 and was finally disbanded in 1996. Authored, compiled and edited by former Schoolies, this book begins by providing a brief historical overview of the Instructor and Schoolmaster branches that were unified in 1946. It then illustrates the wide spectrum of work carried out by Schoolies as educators and within sub-specialisations such as meteorology, oceanography, training technology, engineering and computer science. This is achieved by a representative sample of short autobiographical stories and articles compiled by former Schoolies and associates of the RNIOA, including those from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). [Published in 2020 by Pinewood Hill; ISBN 978-0-9926788-8-3; hard back; glossy images; 228 pages with 165 images in colour/B&W; RRP £20 + P&P]. Since the RNIOA is a nonprofit organisation, all monies from book sales will be used for RNIOA website operating costs and any surplus will be donated to charity.

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  1. To purchase directly from the RNIOA simply send an email to (FAO Editor) stating your name, quantity of books required, your email address and delivery address. You will then receive a secure invoice by e-mail from PayPal/Pinewood Hill, which will include price and P&P (UK or worldwide). Simply press the ‘Pay’ button and choose either the PayPal or credit card payment options. A bank transfer option with details can be found in the notes of your invoice. On receipt of payment your book(s) will be despatched.
  2. Amazon UK - hard back version. / Amazon worldwide - Kindle version (replica of the hard back version).
  3. Through all good bookshops.
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