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face   Anne Bailey (WRNS IO 1969-1986)
face   Brian Beel (RNIO 1955-1980)
face   John Berridge (RNZNIO 1970-1990)
face   Mike Channon (RNIO 1968-1996)
face   Richard Fennessy (RANIO 1938-1966)
face   John Franklin (RNIO 1951-1984)*
face   John Hartley (RNIO 1967-1996)
face   Keith Henley (RNIO 1976-1983)
face   RNIO Rear Admiral Jack Howard
face   RNIO Ken Langley
face   Tony Mann (RNIO 1964-1982)
face   Ian Mitchell (RNIO/RAEC 1981-1997)
face   Tony Mizen (RNIO 1971-1999)
face   RNIO Rear Admiral Brinley Morgan
face   John Nixon (RNIO 1983-1992)
face   Ieuan Roach (RNIO/RM 1945-1968)
face   Michael Rose (RNIO 1981-1997)
face   Julia Simpson (RNIO 1963-1996)
face   Al Williamson (RNIO 1966-1976)
face   Bob Young (RNIO 1964-1991)
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RNIOs who have contributed stories to the book/DVD "Not Just Chalk and Talk" are able to grant the RNIOA permission to reproduce them on this website with appropriate copyright attribution. Please contact us for more information.

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