Story Submission
Please submit your story using the following procedure:
  1. Download the submission file to your computer.
  2. Complete your story using the submission file (see guidance below).
  3. Send your completed file as an e-mail attachment to:
    (Protonmail facilitates secure/encrypted communication)
  4. An edited version will be sent (securely) to you for your approval.
  5. After agreeing the final version, your story will be published on the site.
  6. You can request that your story be password protected, so that it can be viewed only by RNIOs and their associates.
  7. You can ask, at any time, for your story to be edited or removed.

Submission Guidance

  1. Limit your submission to 2-3 pages, including some images if required.
  2. Ensure your images are your own or have permission statements.
  3. Avoid including personal information such as date of birth, telephone number or address.
If former IOs wish to submit only images (with a copyright statement), please also use the e-mail address shown above.

Please Note

  1. The RNIOA will not pass on any of your data to third parties, but please be aware that it will be visible to the public.
  2. Verification of RNIO service will be carried out using Navy List data.
  3. By submitting your story, you agree to these conditions and give us the right to publish your story.